Keepers Series

The Joining - Psychic Romance

Steamy psychic romance – perfect for readers who like a bit of the unknown!

The Keepers are guardians of ancient souls. They are humans born with a sacred contract to guard that reincarnation cohabiting each Keeper’s body. The psychic abilities that Keepers possess come from this spirit and further the soul’s continued existence on the human plane. Above all else, these spirits must be protected. Several ancient souls have been trapped for eternity by demonic forces, and they must be found, freed, and returned to their Keepers—catastrophic events and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

This series is still under development and full of exciting twists and turns. I find myself romping along with a group of people who have become outcasts because of their psychic powers. They banded together to do what they could to keep crime under control in the rough neighborhoods in their city. The first book in this series, The Joining, brings this eclectic group together with the Keepers…or, more specifically, with someone who doesn’t know what he is.